Optimised Tuning Solutions

Flash Diesel provides optimised tuning solutions for most late model common rail diesel powered vehicles.

Developed in Australia for Australian conditions, we are able to achieve improvements in both power and torque in addition to improving fuel economy and general driveability without making any other modifications to the vehicle.

Improve throttle response and driveability

One of the advantages the Flash Diesel process has over plug in boxes is the ability to precisely calibrate torque management. Whilst gains in torque and power are an obvious benefit, changing how that powered is delivered can result in an improved driving experience.

Because the calibration allows better use of the available power, there's no need to push the engine to extremes to deliver improved performance. The end result is consistant reliable power customised to your specific requirements

Improved Economy

A Flash Diesel calibration leads to raised levels of efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer RPM's and less accelerator pressure to achieve a given acceleration, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption.

During real world driving tests, savings of fuel consumption of between 5% and 15% are possible, which means that your investment in a Flash Diesel tune will effectively pay for itself in a short period of time.

How does it work?

By accessing the vehicles original ECU, we are able to make customised calibration changes in the same way the manufacturer does. As a result we can manipulate fuel delivery, boost pressure and torque management to ensure we deliver gains of up to 20% in terms of power and torque and up to 15% in terms of improved fuel economy depending on the vehicle and application.

All tuning files are developed and written locally and can be customised for individual applications and requirements, we do not buy tune files. Whether it's for towing, fuel economy, outright power or aftermarket modifications, we can tailor the tune to suit your needs